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Redcord Active & Pilates

Redcord Training is gentle and effective

Sling Body Fitness in Newport Beach, Ca. is Suitable for all ages and levels of physical fitness· At Sling Body Fitness you learn to exercise your whole body with a few simple exercises· The Slings are easy to customize to various training levels. Our Redcord Sling/Suspension and Pilates training provides fast and proven efficacy for anyone who would like to prevent injuries or perform better. 

Redcord Sling/Suspension exercises range from super easy to extremely hard.  We give you everything from the basics to the advanced so you can train at your level and be continuously challenged. 

Next Generation of Fitness

 When our Pilates studio was nine years old, we discovered Redcord after reading about it in Pilates Style Magazine.  Understanding Redcord opened up a new realization about the body  working in all three planes. 

 Redcord suspension exercises can provide faster results for everyone who wants to perform better, prevent injury, avoid pain or just want to stay active. Utilizing your own body weight as resistance, there are hundreds of suspension exercises available to maximize use of your training.   

Redcord Active


Redcord training will make you stronger, faster, more flexible in a short time if you are consistent.  

Redcord Therapy is used to elevate a part of the body to provide friction-free movement.  The Therapy exercises are designed to eliminate gravity to let weak patients move their body parts freely for therapeutic movement and flexibility.

Redcord Training is spreading because of its reputation as a functional and valuable training tool.   



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