Pilates and Slings


Pilates has been around for years and in the past fifteen years it has  erupted into a household name and opened up a world of fitness for  everyone.  Everywhere you look from Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa to  Newport Beach – Pilates Studios are common to see as store fronts.
By practicing Pilates regularly, you can achieve a number of health  benefits, including: Core strength; balance; stability; flexibility and  improved posture awareness.The Sling exercises are  designed to work the stabilizer muscles and strengthen the body while  working in two or three planes. Slings emphasize the body’s natural  ability to move in three anatomical planes of motion.
SLING/SUSPENSION training develops physical strength while using  functional movements and dynamic positions. Because of the demands on  the core, Slings and Suspension Training turn every exercise into a  total body movement. The weak links are exposed so that ALL muscles are  working. Suspension Training Equipment is a unique tool for Pilates’  teachers and is complimentary to the healing movements of Pilates and  goes beyond the benefits of Pilates alone.So, if you  are looking for a new Pilates’ studio near Newport Beach/Costa  Mesa/Huntington Beach to join or simply new to Pilates, you owe it to  yourself to try Sling Training and experience the benefits for yourself.  And at Sling Body Fitness, we make it easy to take that first step.  Call us today to schedule or sign up online at your convenience.Suspension/Sling  Training/Pilates exercise programs can be designed to accommodate  specific objectives, such as improving a golf swing, throwing a ball  more effectively or adding strength.