Nicole Leto


Sling Body Fitness, Newport Beach, Nicole Marie Leto, CPT Certified 2003, and Redcord Active Instructor, since 2009. She is one of the few Certified Pilates Instructors in the U.S., that is also Certified and Educated in the Suspension Training & Slings Method using Redcord; Jungle Sports; and TRX equipment.

Nicole is always looking for advanced and proven methods of achieving and maintaining fitness. After reading an article in the May/June 2009 issue of Pilates Style magazine, she decided to focus on working alongside Physical Therapists to learn the Suspension/Sling method and has now mastered the programs with nine years’ experience. 

Nicole has known she has Scoliosis since she was a teenager and that brought her to the realization that she needed to correct her spine with the latest, scientifically proven equipment. Body Awareness is what Nicole teaches to her clients and the suspension/slings equipment helps her teach people not to cheat and strengthen with immediate results. Her clients consist of all ages, some with disabilities and some physically fit, kids to the older generation including both sexes.

Nicole combines Pilates with Slings depending on what the client needs or wants during their session.